FlipBook Writer 2.0
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FlipBook Writer 2.0

A comprehensive text editing tool to add a flip page effect to your e-books
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While FlipPageMaker’s FlipBook Creator and its Pro version were designed to transform any PDF document into a pro-looking, Flash-based flip book, FlipBook Writer is capable of producing exactly the same professional results using only text-based documents as source (such as TXT, RTF, and HTML). These documents can then be converted into PDF or directly into a fully-customized flip book.

The interface is in fact a two-fold interface. The main window that appears when you open the program is, actually, a solid text editor. Here you can open any TXT, RTF, HTML, or MHT file and enhance it before the real conversion process begins. Together with all the basic editing functionality that you would expect from any text editor, FlipBook Writer will let you add images, bookmarks, hyperlinks, tables, etc., to your source documents. Besides, its spell checker will let you polish the language before creating the final document, and its formatting capabilities will let you improve also its layout.

When converting into PDF, you will not have much more room for customization. No specific settings have been included, and the resulting PDF document will merely reproduce the existing layout as faithfully as possible. However, conversion to PDF is not the reason why this program was developed, and things greatly change when you click on the “Publish to FlippingBook” button instead. This will open a completely different interface that will show you a preview of what the flip book would look if no further changes are applied. However, the various templates and customization settings offered in this new window will allow you to enhance the look and feel of the book completely. Thus, you can change the overall book proportions, add a shadow to the pages, change the background colors, add zoom capabilities, change the fonts, etc. Of course, those features related to the flip book functionality itself can also be changed and personalized. You can start off by choosing any of the templates provided, and then decide on the flipping time and interval, the background sounds, the color and appearance of the navigation controls, etc.

Finally, you can also add some security features to your flip books. Thus you can password-protect either a whole file or part of it (a page interval of your choice) and decide whether they can be downloaded or not.

All in all, FlipBook Maker is certainly a tool worth trying. The results are impressive, and the editing functionality available is of a high level.

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Francisco Martínez
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  • Built-in text-to-PDF conversion capabilities
  • Transforms nearly any text file into a Flash-based flip book
  • Comprehensive range of settings for full customization


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